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MOT Global

A unique learning opportunity for M.S. Management of Technology (MOT) students to do their first semester at NYU Shanghai and finish their degree in Brooklyn.




NYU Shanghai Students

MOT Global

Through a partnership between NYU Tandon and NYU Shanghai, newly admitted MOT students have the option of pursuing their first-semester coursework at NYU Shanghai and then traveling to New York for the completion of their degree. This program, known as MOT Global, will be attractive to students who are interested in having a unique two-campus, international study experience for their master’s degree. Students will live in Shanghai, be enrolled full-time during their MOT Global semester, and enjoy a special cohort-based experience. 

At NYU Shanghai, MOT Global is supported in collaboration with the Graduate Semester Study Office which can be contacted at For more information about the Graduate Semester Study Office and to hear testimonials from past participating students, visit this website.


Tandon will offer the following courses at NYU Shanghai. All are required courses within the MOT core curriculum and will count toward a student’s degree requirements. If your participation is confirmed, your MOT advisor will de-enroll any courses you may have already registered for in New York and enroll you in the courses below. Participating students must take and continue in all of these courses; once your semester in Shanghai has started, you may not drop them.

3 Credits Organizational Behavior MG-GY 6013
Introduction to theory, research and practice to better understand human behavior in organizations. Topics include motivation and job satisfaction; decision making; group dynamics; work teams; leadership; communication; power, politics and conflict; organization culture, structure and design; impact of technology; management of work stress; organizational change and development; and career management. Analysis of organizational behavior problems by self assessments, case studies and simulations.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
3 Credits Financial Analysis for Technology Managers MG-GY 6033
The course will focus upon accounting issues as well as financing and investment functions/decisions of the financial manager as applied to practical real world situations. We will first cover basic concepts of accounting (including cost accounting); as well as basic concepts of finance. Some of the course will involve analysis of actual case studies of real business situations. In the process of analyzing the cases students will be able to apply these accounting and finance concepts to actual business problems and their solutions.
Prerequisite(s): Graduate Standing
3 Credits Data Visualization for Business Intelligence MG-GY 6203
Huge volumes of data are generated, stored and analyzed to drive complex technical and business decisions by providing actionable insights. To achieve this end-users across the industry, need to visualize the data in diverse representations and perform explanatory and exploratory analysis. The course will provide a graduate-level introduction to Data Visualization, as a human perception friendly approach to convey concepts and analysis based on appropriately presented field data. It will systematically introduce building blocks, including types of data, visual elements and design approaches with many examples; provide a basic introduction to the latest visualization software tools as well as programming technologies, such as R and D3; and review several case studies of their application in producing business intelligence.



All students must (i) be admitted to begin their program in Fall 2024, (ii) commit to relocate and live in Shanghai during the Fall semester, and (iii) enroll in all of the courses offered at NYU Shanghai. Following the Fall semester, you will travel to New York for the Spring 2025 semester and complete the remainder of your degree in New York. 

The MOT Global program can accommodate a maximum of 30 students. If interest among students exceeds this number, a lottery will be used to select participants.

Travel and Visa Information

Students who are Chinese Nationals or Mainland entry permit holders from Macau, Taiwan, or Hong Kong should not require university documentation to clear immigration and gain entry to China.

Students Who Will Require Chinese Visas

Shanghai Student Mobility, in cooperation with the Office of Global Services in New York will initiate the visa process, collecting all immigration documents from students and passing them to the Shanghai Student Mobility team. Shanghai Student Mobility will then work with the local Chinese embassy/consulate to process and send documents back to OGS. Incoming international students will need to hold a passport valid for at least six months for entry. Students are advised to begin their visa application as early as possible since the visa processing time may vary from country to country. Students who will require Chinese visas for travel to Shanghai are advised to contact OGS in NY directly. They are also welcome to contact the Shanghai team via

Students Who Will Require US Visas to Travel to New York following your MOT Global semester in Shanghai

The first day of classes during the Spring 2024 semester at Tandon in New York will be January 23, 2024. Participating students should apply to Get a US Visa at least 3-4 months before the start of the Spring 2024 semester so that they can have their immigration documents to travel to New York after the Fall semester at NYU Shanghai concludes. If you already have your I-20 and need it updated to reflect your Spring 2024 entry to the US, please submit the Entry Plan form so OGS can adjust your document.