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Engineering Innovation Minor

Open only to matriculated Tandon Students or those pursuing and completing a dual (secondary) degree in Tandon.

The Engineering Innovation Minor (EIM) focuses on intra & entrepreneurship as a lever for Tandon SOE students to gain vital soft and hard skills to define their value in their future employment opportunities.

This minor tasks Tandon SOE students with conceptualizing and pursuing the development of a commercially viable ventures during the minor with the purpose of learning the skills required to bring products and services from concepts to market, while also building a portfolio of projects. These goals are supported through the EIM’s required core Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship course’s acumens actualized in the NYU Tandon Future Labs (FLE) internship(s) alongside the Future Labs’ portfolio of companies. The portfolio’s companies are early stage and in the process of executing on their go-to-market strategies. Completed freshman engineering credits from the Tandon General Engineering Department are required. A required EIM “boot-camp” acquaints and acclimatizes students to the worlds of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, while preparing students outside of these worlds academically with soft and hard skills which will be needed for the student to survive and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. An EIM Elective supports further specialization.

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Management Minor

Open to all NYU students (except Tandon students in the Business and Technology Management program).

You may obtain an undergraduate NYU Cross School minor in management by completing 14 credits of Tandon MG-UY management courses with an overall GPA of at least 2.0 in the classes, one of which must be MG-UY 1002 Foundation of Management. Additionally, you must take at least 8 of the 14 credits at the Tandon School of Engineering.

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Technology, Management and Design Minor

Open to all NYU students.

As Design Thinking is ubiquitous throughout the technology landscape regardless of industry, company structure, location and size, the 16-credit Technology, Management and Design (TMD) minor’s course offerings provide a contemporary, useful and applicable set of technology management tools and inculcates a design-thinking mindset. The TMD minor provides a multi-disciplinary complement, not only for STEM, but for many other disciplines taught at NYU.

TMD prepares students for the professional dual ladder model of “engineering and management” - ascending career positions through the dual rungs of technological prowess+skills, and managerial expertise. As such, TMD “graduates” will be prepared to climb the career ladders facing them and be poised for success in diverse professional environments. With companies’ increasing demand for creative, innovative and collaborative employees, students taking the TMD minor will have the opportunity to develop key skills for their future career: collaboration skills, project experience and a portfolio of innovative techniques. Career prospects range across industries such as technology, finance, healthcare, public service and others.

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