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About IDM

The world of design and media is growing exponentially

We focus on how to create new experiences with technologies, but also on what is worth making and why.

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The Integrated Design & Media (IDM) program (formally Integrated Digital Media) fosters creative practice, design research and multidisciplinary experimentation with emerging media technologies. Located within Tandon School of Engineering, in the Department of Technology, Culture, and Society (TCS), IDM is a ‘STEAM‘ program combining artistic inquiry with scientific research and technological practice to explore the social, cultural and ethical potentials of emerging technologies. 

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The IDM curriculum integrates topics typically found in an arts context — creative expression and design within both fixed and interactive media — with engineering topics such as signal processing and human-computer interaction. As a program within TCS, this curriculum embraces the department’s core focus on the intersection of engineering and society, encouraging students to engage with technology in a creative, critical, sustainable, and ethical manner. IDM courses feature strong emphasis on human-centered, outward-facing work that integrates values of self-expression, equity, and social justice into engineering. The IDM program articulates these goals through a number of initiatives, many of which, such as the Ability Project, are done in close collaboration with other departments in the University.

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The IDM curriculum combines project-based learning with the study of historical, cultural, legal and philosophical aspects of digital media. We emphasize the development of skills applicable to a broad spectrum of media through individual and collaborative work. Guest lectures and conferences supplement our curriculum and maximize students’ personal contact with leaders in various sectors of the following fields: business, advocacy, service, entertainment, and education. The program culminates in a thesis that combines theory and practice to showcase students’ creative and technical abilities.

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Academic Programs

IDM offers a four-year B.S. degree, a 30-credit M.S. degree (offered on campus and online), a cross-school minor available to all NYU students, and an accelerated 5-year BS/MS.

In our academic programs, digital media is explored as a spectrum of practices that range from computer programming (for app development, software engineering, game development and interaction design) to 2D and 3D graphics (for human-computer interfaces, augmented reality, motion capture, and game design & development) to photography, film, and audio (for media installations, performing arts research, and integration with various mediums).

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Diversity and Inclusion

2 black female students holding Tandon shirtsIDM is the only program at NYU Tandon in which the majority of faculty and students are women. As with all Tandon programs, we strive to excel in diversity, inclusion, and equity, with a high proportion of first-in-family students, students of color, and students receiving significant federal aid for college.  We firmly believe in the role engineering and creativity can play in affecting social change, and have proudly developed and hosted conferences, hackathons, and days of action around diversity in gamesbetter experiences for users of mass transitsafer streetsdesign for disability, and immigrant rights.  We partner with Brooklyn-based non-profit arts and advocacy organizations for much of this programming, including the ISSUE Project RoomEyebeamTech Kids Unlimited, and Code Liberation.

Location and Facilities

Integrated Design & Media is located in downtown Brooklyn at NYU's facilities at 370 Jay Street — home to top researchers, artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs from a variety of NYU programs and schools, including Center for Urban Science and Progress, Tisch School of the Arts, Steinhardt, the Game Center and Future Labs

The facility encourages and enhances the interaction of disciplines that fuse technology and the creative arts, with media commons, audio labs, mo-cap labs, VR rooms, black boxes, makerspaces, performance space, an exhibit hall, and workshop spaces. In addition, NYU Tandon @ the Yard is a 14,000 square foot production and research facility, consisting of two production studios as well as other systems for working with emerging media technology.

Career Prospects

Our students are artists, designers, and creative technologists working in highly fluid industries that reward the creative, the thoughtful, the technical, and the innovative.

We have a close relationship with the School of Engineering’s Future Labs — Data, Urban, Digital, and Veterans — to provide students with opportunities for internships and startup development in the ever-growing NY tech startup scene.


  • VR Developer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Software Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Production Technician
  • AV Engineer
  • Content Strategist
  • Programmatic Analyst
  • Digital Production Artist


  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Peleton
  • Verizon
  • Prudential
  • Vuzix (AR)
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Disney
  • JET