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General Education Requirements

NYU Tandon Humanities/Social Science (HUSS) Electives

The Dept. of Technology, Culture, and Society's humanities and social sciences course offerings for the 2022 Summer I and II sessions and for Fall 2022

                                                                                         Last Updated 04-06-2022

Graduation Requirement

24 credits of Humanities and Social Sciences, as explained below:

1. First-Year Writing Requirement (2 Courses, 8 credits)

Fall Semester: EXPOS-UA 1

Spring semester: EXPOS-UA 2

These courses are offered by the NYU Expository Writing Program

2. Humanities and Social Science Elective Requirement (4 courses, 16 credits)

Students must complete 4 humanities or social science courses. These 4 courses can be within a single cluster or across multiple clusters. For optimal breadth of experience, TCS encourages students to take electives across clusters and/or across disciplines within a cluster. These 4 humanities and social science electives must satisfy the following:

  • 1 must be a 3000/4000 level humanities or social science elective; and
  • 1 must be an Advanced Seminar, identifiable by course number 4504
  • For new first-year students entering in or after Fall 2022, one course must be a course in ethics and technological and/or scientific practice. Most students will take STS-UY 2144: Ethics and Technology to fulfill this requirement, but other ethics courses may serve to fulfill this requirement, with the permission of a student’s major advisor and the TCS Ethics Program Director.

Important Notes

  • As of the Fall 2021 semester, the Advanced Seminar course replaces the Writing Intensive requirement. If you've already completed a writing intensive course, you do not have to take the Advanced Seminar. If the writing intensive course you took was a level 2000 course, you still need to complete a level 3000 humanities course, as listed above. 
  • Although we encourage students to take their Advanced Seminar at Tandon, there are approved Advanced Seminars at other NYU Schools
  • The TCS department abbreviates level 2000 to level 2, level 3000 to level 3, and level 4000 to level 4

Cluster Overview

The TCS Department offers elective courses that fulfill Tandon's undergraduate requirement for courses in humanities and social sciences — part of the undergraduate core curriculum. These courses explore the relations among science, technology, and society from three general approaches and modes of inquiry:

Culture, Arts and Media (CAM)

The CAM cluster explores how cultural practices and artifacts in a wide range of media reflect, influence, and interact with developments in science and technology. Courses are based on philosophy, media studies, music, literary studies, art history, rhetoric, and anthropology. 

Science, Technology and Society (STS)

STS cluster courses explore the interrelationships among science, technology, culture, and society. STS unites and investigates a myriad of disciplines, including history, philosophy, rhetoric, literary studies, and sociology. The questions posed are: How do science and technology shape society? How do social processes frame scientific and technological enterprises? What is the relationship between the content of scientific and technological knowledge and the social and intellectual context in which it is created? 

Society, Environment and Globalization (SEG)

Courses in the SEG cluster address the way the critical areas of society, environment, and globalization are interlinked and how they affect the experience of modern life. Coming from the complementary perspectives of the humanities and social sciences, SEG courses provide students with a broad and multicultural perspective on how environmental issues and global exchange in this “flat world” are changing society, here and across the world. 

TCS Elective Offerings

The following courses are offered by the department on a regular basis. However, each course is not offered every semester. 

Special Note About Course Descriptions: If a course number doesn't link to the course description, you can find the full description on the Tandon Bulletin.

SEG Electives from Other Departments

FIN-UY 2003 Economic Foundations of Finance

CAM-UY 2014W STEM & Theater

CAM-UY 2204 Disability Studies 

CAM-UY 3004/W Special Topics in CAM


EN-UY 2124W The Short Story

EN-UY 2134W The Novella: Between the Short Story & the Novel

EN-UY 2194W The Rise of the Graphic Novel

EN-UY 2334W Literary Inventiveness 

EN-UY 2414W The City & Literature 

EN-UY 3104 Science Fiction Workshop 

EN-UY 3144W Analytical Approaches to Poetry & Art 

EN-UY 3154 Fantasy Workshop

EN-UY 3164W Special Topics in English Literature

EN-UY 3194W Ethical Questions in Literature 

EN-UY 3434W Machines Made of Words II: Designing Poetry 

EN-UY 2424 Medicine and Literature 


PL-UY 2004 Symbolic Logic

PL-UY 3004/W Metalogic


STS-UY 2004/W Science, Technology, and Society 

STS-UY 2134 Philosophy of Science, Technology and Science in China and India

STS-UY 2144 Ethics and Technology

STS-UY 2204 Philosophy of Technology

STS-UY 2224/W Science and Sexuality 

STS-UY 2234 Introduction to the History of Technology

STS-UY 2244/W Magic, Medicine, and Science

STS-UY 2254 From Heat Engines to Black Holes

STS-UY 2264/W Addressing Public Policy Issues in the Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

STS-UY 2274 Space and Spacetime

STS-UY 2294 Quantum Mechanics and Information

STS-UY 2314 It's About Time

STS-UY 2364 History of Aviation and Aviation Technology

STS-UY 2374 The Ship

STS-UY 2444/W History and Philosophy of Internet Technology

STS-UY 2554 Science and Pseudoscience

STS-UY 2624/W The Rhetoric of Science 

STS-UY 2634 Psychology of the Internet

STS-UY 2644 Creativity and Innovation

STS-UY 2664 Intelligence- Real and Artificial

STS-UY 2904 Special Topics in STS


STS 3004/W Seminar in Science and Technology Studies

STS-UY 3204/W Science and Difference

STS-UY 3214 Science and Feminism

STS-UY 3234 The Phenomenon of Life 

STS-UY 3244 The History of Light

STS-UY 3254/W Philosophy of Science

STS-UY 3264 Physics, Information and computing

STS-UY 3284 Relativity and Spacetime 

STS-UY 3604 Psychology of Internet Security

STS-UY 3624 Science and Technology in the Literary Sphere

STS-UY- 3904 Special Topics in STS

EN-UY 3814W The Environment & Literature 


HI-UY 2353 A History of NYC Transit and the Development of NYC

HI-UY 2514/W Introduction to New York City History

HI-UY 3034/W History of New York's Urban Infrastructure 

HI-UY 3254/W History of Mass Media

HI-UY 4334W Seminar in Urban Infrastructure History


PS-UY 2324W Environmental Psychology  

PS-UY 2724 Human Factors in Engineering Design

PS-UY 3164 Health Psychology 

PS-UY 3724 Psychology of Sustainability  

PS-UY 3754 Psychology of Living in Extreme Environments


SEG-UY 2184/W Beyond Oil- Fueling Tomorrow's Vehicles

SEG-UY 2194/W Writing About Nature and the Environment 


STS-UY 3814 Social Psychology of Virtual Worlds


URB-UY 2024/W Design of Cities

URB-UY 2034 Humans in the Urban Environment

URB-UY 2044 Methods for Studying Urban Environments

URB-UY 2054/W Introduction to Urban Policy

URB-UY 2064 Introduction to Urban Planning

URB-UY 2224 Natural Environment of New York City

URB-UY 2234 Natural Environmental Catastrophes and Cities

URB-UY 3034 Evidence- Based Design

URB-UY 3214 Cities in Developing Countries

URB-UY 3314 History and Design of Urban Parks

URB-UY 3354 Urban Impact Assessment

URB-UY 3834 Special Topics in SUE

Courses Outside of Tandon

Tandon students have the opportunity to complete their humanities requirements at other NYU Schools and at other institutions. The TCS Department has created a list of approved NYU courses that satisfy the humanities requirement.

Please note: Your Writing Intensive course cannot be fulfilled at another NYU school; it must be taken at Tandon.

Credits from NYUs School of Professional Studies (SPS) are not accepted at Tandon. 

Important Links

List of approved HUSS courses at other NYU Schools -Use the arrows at the bottom of the excel to see all the courses categorized by NYU school/global campus. Please note, you must be signed in with your NYU email/NET ID to access the list.

Form to evaluate NYU course for HUSS credit -Use this form to submit NYU courses that are not on the list above

Form to evaluate a non-NYU course for HUSS credit - Use this form to submit fora course at another institution. It is highly recommended you get approval before enrolling in a cousre.