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Undergraduate Minor in Finance

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NYU Tandon School of Engineering undergraduates take an extensive amount of college mathematics and are well-positioned to leverage this background and acquire knowledge of mathematical finance that future employers in your discipline as well as Wall Street will value.

The Department of Finance and Risk Engineering’s undergraduate Minor in Finance is designed to provide students with an excellent undergraduate grounding in finance.

Eligibility and Registration

The Minor in Finance is open to all students who have completed the prerequisite requirements for the required and elective courses (see below). To apply for the minor, please visit the Registrar for further instructions.


You will need to complete 15 credits of courses designated as FIN to earn a Minor in Finance. At least 9 of these credits must be earned at the School of Engineering. Of the 15 required credits in courses labeled FIN, 9 are required courses and 6 are elective courses. You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in FIN classes to successfully complete the Minor in Finance.

Required Courses

  • FIN-UY2003: Economic Foundations of Finance
  • FIN-UY2103: Creating and Understanding Financial Statements
  • FIN-UY2203: Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

Elective Courses

Select at least 2 from the following:

  • FIN-UY3213: Financial Management and Risk Engineering
  • FIN-UY3233: Derivatives and the Options Market
  • FIN-UY3403: Entrepreneurship and Financial Management
  • FIN-UY3503: Financial Risk Modeling & Analytics
  • FIN-UY4903: Special Topics in Finance and Risk Engineering

Business and Technology Management (BTM)

For BTM majors, the Minor in Finance can be achieved in the following way:

  • MG-UY 2524 can be substituted for FIN-UY 2003
    • An additional FIN-UY course numbered 3000 or higher is required (FIN-UY 2003 is not permitted).
  • MG-UY 2204 can be substituted for FIN-UY 2103
  • MG-UY 3214 can be substituted for FIN-UY 2203

Course Prerequisites

FIN-UY courses require knowledge of calculus and other higher mathematics. Please check each course for prerequisite details.

Recommended Course Sequence

The prerequisite structure of the Minor requires that you complete the core courses before beginning the electives.


Please contact Professor Barry Blecherman with any questions you may have:

12 MetroTech Center, 26th floor
Room 275