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Prospective Students

Applications for priority admission into the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering is
December 15, 2019.


Regular admission applications are due February 15, 2020.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering Brooklyn Campus

I chose this program, first of all, because it's a great school, it's a great program, and it's also in New York City.
- Carlos Chavez (TANDON ‘18)

Program Features

  • Pre-Program Boot Camp: In order to help incoming students reach their maximum potential, the FRE department provides a comprehensive two-part pre-program boot camp every summer. The boot camp consists of an optional six-week online class in June and July, and a mandatory two-week intensive program in person in early August. Covered topics include: Capital Markets, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, Python Programming, Probability, Statistics & Risk Management.

    The bootcamp’s purpose is to prepare incoming students for the interview process that will begin soon after the start of the Fall semester. The top financial firms recruit in October for quantitative internships beginning in June of the following year. The bootcamp evaluates students on a pass/fail basis, but the perspective gained is invaluable for gaining an overall understanding of firms expectations of job candidates coming from an engineering school. The types of questions asked by interviewers are broad, ranging from mathematical brain teasers to technical programming questions involving machine learning and artificial intelligence. Candidates may also be asked to take written exams with questions on stochastic calculus, Black-Scholes theory, or Python coding. There is a lot to know, and few people (if anyone) has mastered it all, but attending the bootcamp is the fastest way to become familiar with the landscape of topics important to the modern financial services industry.

    Additionally, all incoming students are given two books to further help them with interviewing in the Fall: “A Practical Guide to Quantitative Finance” by Xinfeng Zhao and “Heard on the Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews” by Timothy Crack. Xinfeng Zhao will be speaking to students at this year’s pre-program bootcamp in August 2019.

    Students are taken on a boat tour in the New York Harbor, which offers respite from the rigorous pre-program bootcamp. This allows them an opportunity to meet their peers as well as mingle with faculty and staff of the FRE Department.

  • Customized Educational Experience: NYU Tandon MSFE students have the flexibility to tailor their academic and professional focus in a way that best suits their interests and backgrounds. The Tandon MSFE is not a “one-size-fits-all” program, and is proud to have graduates beginning their careers in a range of functions within industry; from Traders, to Desk Quants, Risk Analysts, Software Developers and beyond.
  • Large Course Offering: Over 50 department-specific courses are offered to the Tandon MSFE students each semester.
  • Small Class Sizes: The NYU Tandon MSFE average class size is around 15 students, and no classes are larger than 30.
  • MSFE Career Guidance: In addition to the resources provided by the university-wide NYU Wasserman Career Center MSFE students have the benefit of receiving career support through the in-house FRE Department Career Resources as well. From FRE alumni networking events, to recruiting presentations, resume reviews, and mock interviews; there is no shortage of resources available to students in the program. The FRE Career Placement Director works closely with students in the program to provide the resources and guidance they need to succeed.
  • Weekly Seminars with Industry Practitioners: Students are exposed to industry practitioners regularly through our FRE Seminars and Events as well as the Quantitative Finance Weekly Seminar.
  • Industry Connectivity: For the Tandon MSFE, integration with industry not just a “nice to have,” it’s a “must have.” In the 2018-19 academic year, over 10 new professors were brought on board from industry, and that number continues to grow. The program is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing climate of the industry and markets.
  • Distinguished Thought Leadership: The department Chair, Professor Peter Carr, brings years of experience leading global quant groups at Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg as well as accomplishments ranging from being named Risk Magazine’s 2003 Quant of the Year and the 2010 IAQF/SunGard Financial Engineer of the Year, to making Institutional Investor’s Tech 50 List (2013-2015) and beyond. Like Peter, the program is proud to have former trader and influential author Dr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the global bestselling author of The Black Swan, Antifragile, and other world-renowned publications. Rounding out Tandon’s complement of thought leaders is Tandon’s MSFE Program Founder, Professor Charles Tapiero, the Topfer Chair Distinguished Professor of Financial Engineering and Technology Management and co-founder and co-editor in chief of Risk and Decision Analysis. 

For questions about the application process, application status, or to speak with an admissions counselor:

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