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Master in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering)

Our master's degree in Civil Engineering is flexible, allowing students to concentrate in geotechnical engineering, among other options.  The geotechnical concentration is practice oriented, but offers interested students the possibility of participating in advanced cutting edge research.

Students in the Geotechnical concentration are required to take 4 core courses (12 Credits), and 4 Geotechnical Courses (12).  The remaining 6 Credits may be taken as 2 electives, one elective and a 3-Credit Project, or as a 6-Credit Thesis.  The following are courses are available.  Bolded courses are required in the geotechnical concentration.

Recommended Educational Background: BS/BE Civil Engineering


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Doctorate in Civil Engineering

The Ph.D. in Civil (Geotechnical Engineering) offers a personalized research-based educational experience.   Recent graduates have worked on a wide range of topics including (1) physical modeling of soil structure interaction and flow using transparent soil surrogates, (2) capacity of piles, (3) penetration mechanics, (4) behavior of polymeric piling, and (5) ground improvement, among others.  Graduates went on to academic careers in the United States, and overseas, as well as to leading positions in consulting and construction.  

Recommended Educational Background: M.S. Civil Engineering

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