Research | NYU Tandon School of Engineering


Be catalysts in solving strategic challenges of global society

Our research will address problems of societal importance to create healthy, secure, connected, smart urban environments around the world. We will scale up our research expenditures with a focus on multidisciplinary collaborations with other NYU schools, global industry, government, and not-for-profits. We will be known for our highly productive faculty recognized the world over for what they do. We will brand and communicate our research to the world and be part of important conversations.

book graphic surrounded by research area words: communications/IT, sustainability, urban systems, data science/AI/robotics, health, emerging media, cybersecurity

We will focus on hiring diverse faculty of exceptional quality. We will implement clear and transparent hiring policies; institute strong development programs, ensuring junior faculty are properly mentored and feel as important stakeholders in the school; investigate and address issues faced by women, URM and contract faculty; and include research revenue and performance benchmarks in performance standards for all faculty.

We will revamp our Ph.D. programs to provide mentorship and professional development to all Ph.D. students and will significantly expand Ph.D. financial support. We will create strategies for creating and recruiting a pool of top applicants with the goal of growing our Ph.D. student population to 500.  

We will propel our research enterprise to the next level, ensuring we create the infrastructure needed to support increasing our research expenditures to $70M within five years. We will identify key areas of focus and launch moonshots in one or two of these areas. We will create and enhance research partnerships with NYU’s schools and Global Network

We will create and enhance research partnerships with industry and recruit a Director for Industrial and Corporate Partnerships to deepen our engagement with current partners and identify new opportunities.

We will propel our entrepreneurship enterprise to the next level, tying it to Brooklyn and our strategic pillars. We will benchmark what others do on equity, investments, student participation, faculty and internships and create investment principles into companies we incubate. We will examine our Future Labs and rethink how they can bring further value to the school.

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