Ziming Qiu

  • PH.D. Student

Ziming Qiu

Journal Articles

End-to-End Subtitle Detection and Recognition for Video in East Asian Languages via CNN Ensemble with Near-Human-Level Performance.

Yan Xu, Siyuan Shan, Ziming Qiu, Zhipeng Jia, Zhengyang Shen, Yipei Wang, Mengfei Shi, Eric I-Chao Chang. (Signal Processing: Image Communication)

Integrated 3D Flow-based Multi-atlas Hippocampus Segmentation.

Yeshu Li, Ziming Qiu, Xianglong Liu, Eric I Chang, Yubo Fan, Yan Xu. (NeuroImage, under review)


Other Publications

Automatic Body Localization and Brain Ventricle Segmentation in 3D High Frequency Ultrasound Images of Mouse Embryos.

Jen-wei Kuo, Ziming Qiu, Orlando Aristizabal, Jonathan Mamou, Daniel H. Turnbull, Jeffrey A. Ketterling, Yao Wang. (ISBI 2018)

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