Yunxiang Zhang

  • PhD Student



I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student at NYU, advised by Prof. Qi Sun in the Immersive Computing Lab. My research revolves around virtual/augmented/mixed reality, human-computer interaction, and generative AI, with a focus on multimodal interface design and AI-assisted content creation for immersive applications. More broadly, I enjoy combining insights from physical, perceptual, and cognitive sciences with machine learning tools to solve challenging real-world problems. Prior to NYU, I obtained my MPhil in the Multimedia Lab at CUHK under the supervision of Prof. Dahua Lin. Before that, I did my undergraduate studies at SJTU and École Polytechnique. During my graduate studies, I have had the fortune to work with and learn from great minds at Intel Graphics Research and Vector Institute through internships. Outside of work, I love hiking, traveling, and photography.

Research Interests
Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, and Generative AI

New York University, 2025 (expected)
D.Phil, Computer Science and Engineering

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2022
M.Phil, Information Engineering

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2020
M.Sc, Information Engineering

École Polytechnique, 2018
Diplôme d’Ingénieur, Computer Science

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2017
B.Sc, Information Engineering

Intel Graphics Research, 2023/05-2023/08
Research Scientist Intern

Vector Institute, 2020/03-2020/06
Research Intern

Télécom Paris, 2018/04-2018/08
Research Intern

Toward Optimized VR/AR Ergonomics: Modeling and Predicting User Neck Muscle Contraction
Yunxiang ZhangKenneth ChenQi Sun
SIGGRAPH 2023 Conference Proceedings

Force-Aware Interface via Electromyography for Natural VR/AR Interaction
Yunxiang Zhang, Benjamin Liang, Boyuan Chen, Paul M. TorrensS. Farokh AtashzarDahua LinQi Sun
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2022)

CaPC Learning: Confidential and Private Collaborative Learning
Christopher A. Choquette-Choo*Natalie Dullerud*Adam Dziedzic*Yunxiang Zhang*Somesh JhaNicolas PapernotXiao Wang
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2021)

Exploiting Channel Similarity for Network Pruning
Chenglong Zhao, Yunxiang Zhang, Bingbing Ni
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT 2023)

Max-plus Operators Applied to Filter Selection and Model Pruning in Neural Networks
Yunxiang ZhangSamy BlusseauSantiago Velasco-ForeroIsabelle BlochJesus Angulo
International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology and Its Application to Signal and Image Processing (ISMM 2019)