Yeseon Kim

  • B.S. in Computer Science

Headshot of Yeseon Kim

Global Challenge: AI for cybersecurity

I wish to contribute to the promising growth of cybersecurity. The continuous research and progress will one day ensure a safe and effective cyberspace for everyone.”


I am an undergraduate student at NYU Tandon studying computer science. I was born in South Korea and moved to New York when I was ten. The language barrier I faced prompted my passion for math and science, eventually leading me to pursue computer science. I took advantage of the opportunities at Tandon and joined the NYU Robotics Design Team. I am currently a project manager for the locomotion subsystem. As a team, we design and construct a Martian mining robot to compete in the annual NASA Lunabotics Competition. In summer 2021, I also interned at Microsoft through the New Technologist program. I was able to experience a full product life cycle by implementing an online application catered towards disclosing social disparity between people of diverse backgrounds. I am excited to apply my acquired skill set to take part in the next generational growth of the tech industry