Yeseon Kim

  • B.S. in Computer Science


Global Challenge: Sustainable Cyberspace

A passionately curious and socially conscious engineer can reshape the future of innovation.”


I was born in South Korea and moved to the United States when I was ten. The language barrier prompted my passion for math and science, eventually leading to a degree in engineering. I currently major in computer science and minor in business management at NYU Tandon. 

My GLASS research revolves around creating sustainable cybersecurity solutions that integrate the NAE Grand Challenges and the Tandon Areas of Excellence. I utilized machine learning techniques to filter out potentially harmful cyber threats in real-world audio files through the Breakthrough Tech program at Cornell University. The project aims to prove the possibility of developing an algorithmic approach that mitigates cyber attacks in the data-driven environment we live in.

Additionally, I serve as the lead project manager for the NYU Robotic Design Team that builds a Martian mining robot and participates in the annual NASA Lunabotics Competition. I have also interned at Cyborg Mobile/Microsoft, Amazon, and J.P. Morgan Chase to gain applicable industrial experience.

The GLASS program has truly widened my academic perspectives by allowing me to study abroad in various countries, attend meaningful conferences, and explore my curiosity without limit. It has shaped me into a socially conscious engineer motivated to witness the promising growth of technology.