Yashu “Dale” Zhu

  • Student

Yashu “Dale” Zhu

As a true believer of “All models are wrong, but some are useful”, Yashu “Dale” Zhu, is a challenger aiming to make her impact in this data-driven new financial world by constantly developing useful models. Graduated with First Class Honors in Investment Science (Applied Mathematics) from Hong Kong, she started her new journey as a student in NYU a year ago.

Fascinated by the finance world, she immersed herself by doing multiple interns and projects in the financial industry around the globe. As a fall intern at Kinetic Investments LLC, she assisted the portfolio manager with financial modeling, risk analysis, and data collection for the purposes of learning skills which are critical in order to effectively risk manage a multi-asset investment portfolio. As a data analytics at Bank of Guizhou, she developed a VBA program for data reorganizing that reduced 80% operational time. In the joint project of Orion and NYU, she tested different stock clustering models and designed grid search algorithm to find out the optimal configuration for each model and determine the best one.

During Dale’s career, she is versatile in lots of areas in the business and has collected a plethora of awards. She was also the New York Regional Champion in the PRMIA Risk Management Challenge. Now, as the Vice President of Bulls and Bears club, she will be creating and leveraging industry partnerships and organizing events for the student body.

Dale is the Vice President of the FRE Bulls & Bears Club.