Vu Nam Phan

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Global Challenge: Engineering Better Medicines

Living in Beijing has ignited my interest in developing sustainable energy. It will be more effective in the long run if we focus on prevention rather than treatment when trying to combat global warming.”


Hello, my name is Vu Nam, and I am a third-year Mechanical Engineering student. As a global citizen who has grown up in various countries before, I wish to apply my knowledge to engineer accessible medicines for people of all backgrounds. During my time at NYU Abu Dhabi, I joined The Vijay Lab, a lab that focuses on 3D Printing and Bioprinting for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug testing, and medical devices. My research specifically focused on testing the mechanical properties of various bone scaffold designs through the use of finite element analysis in order to best match them to the mechanical properties of human bones.

I am currently in an administrative role in the General Engineering department as the deputy of purchasing. I teach both recitations and lab sessions as an undergraduate teaching assistant. I am also involved in NYU Rugby and RoboSub.