Qin “Kim” Zhang

  • M.S. in Financial Engineering


Qin "Kim" Zhang

Qin “Kim” Zhang started off with a Bachelor’s in Actuarial Science at Pennsylvania State University before joining the Financial Risk Engineering Program at NYU. She has worked as a Long Term Care Intern at PICC Health Insurance for the newly established Long Term Care Insurance Program in Guangzhou, China. This coming summer she will be joining Munich Re America’s Reserving Team to recognize loss patterns in companies and prevent large losses.

Qin’s unique background has motivated her to explore the world of finance and investment. As Managing Director of Corporate Finance at the FRE Bulls and Bears Club, she will initiate and drive company-specific as well as industry-wide research projects, leveraging macro-economic knowledge and market-driven technical skills. She also plans on using her experiences to help students prepare for soft-skills-based Corporate Finance interviews.

In her spare time, Qin enjoys volunteering and helping to make the world a better place. As a member of UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Fund) student club, she has coordinated and participated in many fundraising events in partnership with UNICEF USA to fight for the equal rights of education and basic needs for every child. Qin is also a finalist in Tandon Made Challenge - Telehealth and Telecommunication in  2020 and has been engineering the prototype of her idea with other Tandon Graduate Students.