Nikita Pola

  • B.S. in Computer Science

Nikita Pola

Global Challenge: Sustainable approaches to land management

I’m inspired by the curiosities of data science: how lines are drawn in classification problems, how we value and commodify personal data, how biases can shape an entire scientific result.”


I'm a sophomore at NYU Tandon School of Engineering studying computer science. I am passionate about building technology products that aim to uplift underserved, marginalized populations in the world to help level the playing field of opportunities for each individual.

I was born and raised in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey (the peak of suburbia)! After coming to NYU, I've served as both Freshman Representative & Secretary on the executive board for Society of Women Engineers, leading career development workshops and on the EE/CS team at NYU Rogue Aerospace, competing to launch a rocket!

Additionally, I've discovered that I love sharing my passion for STEM with other students & so for Fall 2021, I'll be a Teaching Assistant for EG-1001, an engineering & innovation forum under Professor David Lefer. I've also served as a teaching assistant for STEM League, where I've mentored students in CS education. Similarly, I've volunteered in Hyderabad, India as a bilingual teaching assistant for the Women's State Home Orphanage & Devnar School for the Blind! 

Apart from school, I love to stay active by playing soccer, lifting, and hiking with my family! I've also recently gained an interest in investing in stocks & reading about outer space.