Mengwei Ren

  • Ph.D. Candidate


I am an active member in Visualization, Imaging, and Data Analysis (VIDA) Center, supervised by Prof. Guido Gerig. My research heavily focuses on machine learning and computer vision applied on medical imaging data.

Motivated by the the significant gap between medical data collection and analysis due to limited data quality and consistency, I am interested in optimizing the utility of large-scale medical databases via effective data assessment, harmonization and curation.

Research Interests
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Medical Image Analysis
  • Multi-site medical image harmonization and translation with morphological constraints;
  • Multimodal (T1w, T2w) feature learning;
  • 3D segmentation of lesion, anatomical tissues from human brains;
  • Q-space reconstruction and curation for diffusion weighted images (DWI).

East China Normal University

2014-2018 Bachelor, Computer Science.

Research Centers, Labs, and Groups