Mahjabin Musa

  • B.S. Electrical Engineering

Picture of Mahjabin Musa

Mahjabin Musa is a senior studying Electrical Engineering. They grew up in Queens, emigrating here at the age of 3. During their free time, they enjoy knitting/crocheting, listening to K-pop, and watching any enjoyable media under the sun. They have tutored middle school and high school children for 3+ years and they've gained quite a bit of valuable experience teaching young kids. They are also a part of the Urban Food Lab at Tandon, tending to a garden in the Makerspace that utilizes hydro/aquaponics to grow a variety of plants. Mahjabin would like to combine their EE major and interest in sustainability to hopefully bring a positive, eco-friendly impact to their future work. By becoming a front desk aide, they hope to keep the PTC running smoothly so that, students in need of help can get it as soon and as smoothly as possible.