Joanna Ibrahim

  • B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Joanna Ibrahim

Global Challenge: Clean water and desalination in Egypt

I am passionate about researching solutions for the water shortage issues that dry countries are experiencing and becoming a social entrepreneur in this field.”


I am a trilingual (speaking Arabic, English, and German) Egyptian woman with a curious mind for self-learning and a passion for positive impact. In spring of 2021 of my Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Degree, I was offered a part-time job as an assistant to the operational engineer at my home-town’s desalination plant. This experience enlightened me; I am now dedicated to the idea of building a zero-energy desalination plant to make clean water cheaper to filter, thus being accessible to countries (such as Egypt) that have access to salt water. As my first step towards achieving this, I got involved in a VIP project, where I learned how an idea can turn into a successful project through the implementation of technical and soft skills. Now, my team (Sixth Sense) has been eagerly building a high-tech solution to aid the visually impaired whilst traveling. I cannot wait to translate the work ethic and skills that I have learnt towards my future, life-time goal.