Javier Quiroga

  • B.S. Civil Engineering

Javier Quiroga headshot

What inspired you to pursue a STEM-based degree? How did you discover your interest in the field?

My passion for architecture drove me to seek a STEM degree. I was interested in a profession that involved buildings, math, and science. I was instantly drawn to civil engineering since it aligns with my interests.


How would you describe your experiences as a Black and/or Latino student at the School of Engineering?

Although daunting, my experience as a Latino student has been meaningful. I've become aware that, despite my upbringing, I can obtain higher education and the support to achieve goals that previously seemed unattainable.


What courses were challenging for you? How did those courses better prepare you for what’s ahead? 

My chemistry and writing courses were challenging, but they helped me identify potential challenges I would face during my four years at NYU and how to solve them.


What are your research/professional career goals?

My professional career goal is to get a professional license as a civil engineer. I want to work on a development project in NYC to give back to the city where I grew up and develop greener, cleaner structures.


As an underrepresented minority student, is there something that you recognize more now that you didn’t think of before attending Tandon?

I better understand the difficulties minority students encounter in academia and the workforce as we advance in our education. Facing challenges such as being unable to find research opportunities, meeting people from similar backgrounds, or simply not feeling like you fit in your field of study.


How important is it for incoming minority students to utilize their resources (i.e. professors, counselors, advisors, tutors, etc.)?

Incoming minority students should use their resources because having that support system helps in achieving their academic objectives and using these resources early on. In addition, by utilizing these tools, students can obtain the skills and knowledge they need to become successful and well-rounded professionals.


What advice would you offer to Black and Latino men who are interested in the STEM field?

I would advise the Black and Latino men considering pursuing STEM fields to find a mentor. Making relationships with professionals in your field of interest who can offer guidance and assistance could be significant. Maintaining your ambition and self-confidence is also important, no matter your obstacles.