Jada Forrester

  • B.S. Computer Science and Engineering

Picture of Jada Forrester

Jada Forrester is a senior majoring in Computer Science and triple minoring in Mathematics, Integrated Design & Media, and Cybersecurity. Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, NYC, Jada has been immersed into the world of STEM by her family and from participation in various diversity STEAM programs offered throughout the city. Previously, she has worked with Microsoft and TIAA as a software engineer and is setting her sights higher for more opportunities to grow into the ambitious engineer she has always hoped to be. Apart from academia, Jada is always with friends watching various movies, TV shows, anime like her favorites, One Piece and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, or playing video games like Super Smash Ultimate and Breath of the Wild. Jada also loves shopping, thrifting, or listening to music like R&B, Neo soul, EDM, K-POP, dancehall, and alternative rock. As a Black woman in STEM, she recognizes that empowerment is crucial in the development of self-confidence and growth, and hopes to empower those that need help at the PTC office with the resources they need to succeed.