Elijah Whittle

Global Challenge: Reverse engineering the brain

I believe reverse-engineering of the brain could be the next invention that drives humanity toward a deeper understanding of ourselves.”


Hi, I'm El. I was raised in Kentucky and now I live in Brooklyn. I like puzzles and challenges, such as rock climbing, D&D, and making music. I'm studying computer science at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.
I love exploring intersections, my current favorite being that between computer science and biology. My main goal is to enhance the state of machine learning by using biologically inspired designs.

I tutor computer science intro courses--Intro to CS, Data Structures & Algorithms, and Object-Oriented Programming--at the Polytechnic Tutoring Center.

I have worked on many projects during my time at the Tandon School of Engineering. Among these are an implementation of the distributed systems consensus algorithm Raft; a virtual reality painting project; a demo airplane ticketing website with a database backend; a VR materials science lab demo; a recreation of the bash terminal; a constraint satisfaction problem-solving AI applied to map coloring; an A* search AI applied to a modified 15-tile puzzle; many game demos in Unity; a proof-of-concept for a prototype art cleaning tool; and a prototype glove-controlled 3D-printed hand for haptics.