Chantelle Kariuki

  • B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Chantelle Kariuki

Global Challenge: Reverse engineering the brain

To successfully tackle the most complex issues in health and medicine, I believe that I must be able to inspire people to work hard and work together.”


I am a second-year student at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and have lived in Kenya all my life. Currently, I am working towards a career in the medical field as I have been interested in medicine from a young age. In the past, I have had work experience at The Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi and The Nairobi Hospital where I was invited to assist the Interventional Radiologist in a laser lithotripsy surgery and got the opportunity to shadow a surgeon.

Because I am passionate about helping the younger generation, I was a mentor to the younger girls pursuing STEM in my high school and I volunteer to take care of orphaned and abandoned children at New Life Children’s Home in Nairobi.

Besides work and academics, I love engaging in sport. I have been a competitive swimmer for the past 14 years and have been on the National Kenya Swim Team where I represented my country internationally. During my free time I like to spend time with family and friends, try out new restaurants and activities, work out, and listen to music. Fun fact about me: I have a twin sister and we can communicate telepathically!