Muniba Bashir

  • Electrical Engineering Intern @ Second Order Effects, Inc

Muniba Bashir
How was your job search experience?

The job search was an ordeal during COVID-19. However, once the first interview was set up, things went uphill. I searched for internship opportunities starting February 2020, my first interview was in April with an employer that discontinued the offer because of COVID. Later, I got my first interview call in May 2020 from Second Order Effects Inc which turned out to be a successful series of interviews. I have relocated to Los Angeles, California for this internship and luckily for me, this internship has lead to a full time offer from Second Order Effects Inc.

What will you be doing?

My responsibilities include developing firmware for aerospace and medical applications, doing design trade-offs for radiation-hardened power converters for space applications. Some non-technical duties also include dealing one-on-one with client companies and doing time estimates for technical tasks.

What was the interview process like?

The interview process for Electrical Engineering intern was smooth. I had three rounds of interview which were all technical and tested me on all the concepts from power electronics to signal processing to embedded systems. The interview questions were majorly design questions focused on solving the problem at hand. Each interview round was on average an hour long, after which the initial offer was made.

Any tips for Fellow Students?

Keep revising all the basic concepts if you are looking for a technical role. Stay focused, keep applying!