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Taking classes remotely? Check out our various online program offerings ranging from leadership training to interactive workshops.

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Diversity in STEM Summit

The 2020 Diversity in STEM Summit, our first to occur in a completely virtual format, featured three wonderful events, bringing together over ten innovative presenters. Find links to the recordings of these events and descriptions below. For more information on our lineup, including biographies and headshots of all speakers, check out our event page.

Inclusion Innovators to Watch: Changing the Mindset

Our first program featured STEM trailblazers conducting cutting edge COVID-19 research and making significant impacts in the STEM pipeline, as well as a leading biomedical researcher in antimicrobial resistance who will discuss the latest updates in the field.

Our three “lightning talk” presenters included a female solar energy entrepreneur harnessing the power of “community solar” and providing more affordable energy; a sustainability expert on a mission to make NYC more resilient and healthy, tackling climate change, food waste, and the green building landscape; and a female data science researcher leading the way examining whether AI is effective if it isn’t equitable and responsible. 

What are the important next steps in diversifying these fields and career paths? Those questions and more are answered by this exciting lineup of innovators driving change.

Reimagining the Building Industry: Engineers & Architects Motivating Change

This panel brought together the intersection of engineering and architecture with key individuals in both fields to answer questions such as: What is driving innovative change in the construction and building industry, and why is a collaborative relationship between engineers and architects so critical? How does diverse thought inspire innovation and strengthen the bottom line? What are examples of how diverse teams of architects and engineers have transformed communities in a way that mirrors them?

Putting Intention into Action: Building a Diverse STEM Pipeline

The final event of our Summit looked to the future of STEM, from K -12 through STEM doctoral programs. How should companies be responsive to supporting the STEM pipeline of women and underrepresented students, and what are the conditions needed that would put ideas into action?

Panelists from U.S. National Laboratories discussed their mission in strengthening American security by providing expertise and innovative technology solutions for the homeland security community as well as career opportunities. They also discussed how they have prioritized recruiting a diverse workforce, and what inclusive innovation looks like in their labs as they solve some of the largest scientific global challenges. 

This event opened with a featured presenter sharing how visionaries have come together in a coalition to fulfill the promise of a true working Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan to create structural changes to achieve parity, particularly in STEM fields.

Tandon Teaches

Tandon Teaches gives members of our community, whether they be students, staff, or faculty, an outlet to show off a skill, talent, or interest, and most importantly, connect with others. All sessions will be recorded and posted on this page. Check out our past offerings below and be sure to follow our social media pages (@NYUTandonSA) for information on how to join us live for upcoming sessions.

If you're interested in hosting your own session, email us at

Tandon Teaches: Aviation (Part I)

If you've ever looked into the sky and wished you could fly, join Daniel Katz-Braunschweig, Senior Lecturer and Certified Flight Instructor, as he discusses his experiences piloting private aircraft domestically and internationally and answer questions about how to join the aviation community.  The first in this multi-part discussion will introduce you to the world of flying, give you a foothold into how to get started as a sport, recreational or private pilot, and what you can do with a license.

Tandon Teaches: The Power of Sleep

Join Professor Jim Lewis to discuss all things sleep. Why do we sleep? What happens to us when we sleep? Why do we dream? Why is sleep one of the first things we cut back on when we want to have more time to study, but it is one of the best things that help us fight stress and help us remember more of what we have learned? We'll answer these questions and more as we talk about the importance of sleep, especially important during finals season!

Tandon Teaches: Geneaology 

Ever wanted to research your family's history? In this discussion-based tutorial, join Industry Associate Professor, Jeff Epstein, while we explore freely-available, internet-based genealogy research techniques and share family stories. Great for those just getting started in genealogy. 

Tandon Teaches: DIY Face Masks

In this hands-on session, Industry Assistant Professor Kathleen McDermott will show basic hand-sewing techniques to create a simple, reusable facemask with a filter pocket, using material from a t-shirt. This pattern can be used to make a mask with ear flaps, or adjustable ties. *The above link is a condensed version of our session*

Tandon Teaches: Aviation (Part II)

Ever looked into the sky and wished you could fly? In part two of our multipart series, Prof. Katz will introduce you to "Gigi" his K35 Bonanza and show you the major parts. We'll include a basic discussion on aerodynamics and talk about what Orville and Wilbur discovered in their experiments.

Tandon Teaches: Make Your Own Fajitas

Food. Friends. Fajitas. Join Matt Maldonato, Tandon Online Student Services Manager and amateur home cook, for an interactive class cooking a fajita dinner and making new friends! No cooking experience necessary.

Recommended ingredients list

Tandon Teaches: Cybersecurity in the News

Have an interest in all things cybersecurity? How about taking a deep-dive into some Cybersecurity news and events? Join Professor Phillip Mak, who has over 15 years of cybersecurity experience, for an interactive discussion on the latest Cybersecurity news. In this session, participants will go beyond the headlines to understand what really transpired and why companies with huge annual budgets keep getting compromised.

Tandon Teaches: The Quirky Lives of Philosophers

Philosophers have the unfortunate stereotype of being boring and saying nonsensical things.  But in this humorous interactive session, join John Paul Cleveland, Director of the Polytechnic Tutoring Center, as we will take a look at several philosophers, what they said, and examine their quirky lives.

Tandon Teaches: Cybersecurity in the News II

Back by popular demand! Join Professor Phillip Mak in another interactive discussion as he dives into more cybersecurity news. In this session, participants will go beyond the headlines to understand what really transpired and why companies with huge annual budgets keep getting compromised.

Tandon Teaches: Introduction to Indian Classical Music

Join Pooja K Swamy, one of our very own Tandon graduate students, in an interactive session where she indulges you in an introduction to Indian classical music. We all know the calming effects of music; join us whether it be to relax, to learn, or to share your own musical interests. Music experience is definitely not mandatory!

Tandon Teaches: The Curious History of Model Risk

Ever wondered not only what model risk is but why we should care about it? Because model risk is not limited to finance! Join Professor Jon Hill on a brief romp through history to reveal some surprising examples of model risk that have appeared in very different arenas of human activity. No prior finance knowledge required!

Tandon Teaches: Aviation (Part III)

Back by popular demand! In this third instance of Tandon Teaches: Aviation, we'll be discussing the differences between VFR and IFR traffic and what's necessary to get a flight in the air and safely back to the ground.

Tandon Teaches: Pasta

Sweater weather kicks off the Carbonara season! Join Industry Associate Professor, Vittoria Flamini, as she shows you how to make this warm, creamy, comforting pasta dish that can be, literally, whipped up in a few minutes. No cooking experience necessary.

Tandon Teaches: Rapid Website Design

Looking to get public validation for your ground-breaking idea? Come and learn how to design and build a rapid website for prototyping in a workshop facilitated by NYU Tandon Alumnus, Dhruv Avdhesh. Dhruv specializes in product design and user experience and will cover the basics of HTML and CSS using Webflow. By the end of the session, participants will be able to host their website in the public domain for user testing.

Tandon Teaches: Demystifying Mental Health

Are you stressed, anxious, and depressed? What do these terms even mean? Join Tandon Counseling & Wellness Team Leader Jiyoon Lee, and Counselor, Delia Salem, who will introduce current issues in college mental health and share resources and Counseling and Wellness services for Tandon students.

Tandon Teaches: Voting in America: How We Got Here

A look at the engineering and technology of voting in the United States, past and present. Join IDM co-director, R. Luke DuBois, and Director of Student Affairs & Student Activities, Brittney Bahlman, two of Tandon's NYU Votes representatives, in exploring some vintage voting machines and our history as a democracy. *A non-partisan event*

Tandon Teaches: Let's Talk About Sex

This workshop, hosted by Alyssa LaFosse, NYU's Sexpert, is a space to talk about sex and what it means to you. We'll talk about intimacy in general as well as focusing on how to be safe during a pandemic era. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss sex in a safe, nonjudgmental, and sex-positive space. 

Tandon Teaches: Visualization through Mathematica

This course, hosted and created by Tandon graduate student, Ajeet Gary, is designed to teach how to use the most common and useful features of Wolfram Mathematica, an extremely powerful technical computing system that can be used to model a wide range of problems. Plotting functions in several ways, making models that can be manipulated in real-time by the user, and efficiently computing solutions to complicated equations are among the things we'll cover.

Leadership Lab

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't still work on honing your leadership skills, so the Office of Student Activities & Resource Center is excited to present our first-ever virtual Leadership Lab sessions. Leadership Lab is a series of leadership development programs that take place throughout the academic year for students of all levels. Leadership Lab guides students -- through hands-on activities and critical dialogue -- in discovering who they are as leaders and becoming confident with tangible leadership skills and strategies that can be applied to their everyday lives.

Spring 2020 Sessions:

Mask Up, Tandon

Now more than ever, the health and safety of our Tandon and broader NYU community depend on everyone taking steps to keep each other safe. To help keep all of us motivated, we’re challenging you to put your best face (covering) forward! 

Submit your face covering pics by using #MaskUpTandon on your public Instagram post, DMing us, or by submitting your photo to our email address, You don’t need to be on campus to enter, you just need to be a Tandon student with an approved face covering. When submitting your entry via email, please include your social media handle so we can tag you! 

Every other week we will randomly select and announce one winner on the Tandon Student Affairs Instagram account. The winner will receive a surprise Tandon swag item(s).


Bi-Weekly Themes (Fall 2020):

October 19-25: Spooky Szn

‘Tis the season to be spooky! Halloween festivities may be cancelled, but we want to see how creative our Tandon students are celebrating a fangtastic Halloween at home! 

November 2-8: Tandon/NYU Pride

Think you’ve got the most school pride? Show off your NYU/Tandon colors and paraphernalia, and prove that you’ve got school spirit. Bonus points if you have an NYU/Tandon-branded face-covering!

November 16-22: The Great Outdoors

Hiking, biking, or strolling around campus. Show us what it looks like when you step out. We want to see you being safe outside! 

November 30-December 6: Best Dressed

How on point is your outfit? Colors. Patterns. Themes. Let’s see the best face-covering/outfit combo. Dress it up or dress it down, your face covering is the perfect Fall accessory.