Womxn in STEM Summit 2021

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At Tandon, we are committed to building a culture that respects and embraces gender diversity, inclusion, and equity. Join the Office of Student Affairs for the 10th annual Womxn in STEM Summit at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, a week full of exciting virtual programs, March 1-5, 2021.

This year's Summit will explore the theme "Heal Together, Rise Together." Throughout the week, we will feature womxn discussing their varying professional journeys, how 2020 has changed their lives, and the importance of embracing resilience. Participants will walk away with great insight, inspirational stories, and strategies and skills to motivate you to work toward your dreams.

We will also be featuring #WomxnRising at Tandon and beyond and will have some great giveaways at all Summit events, so be sure to follow us all week on social media @NYUTandonSA and @nyuengrosarc!

Monday, March 1

Image of Sally Choi, Tandon MS '17

Tandon Teaches: Vinyasa Yoga
6:00PM EDT
Zoom Link (No Registration Required)

Start the week off with a cleansing yoga session! Join Sally Choi (Tandon BS '17), a registered yoga instructor, for an open-level 60 minute yoga class structured to be simple enough for beginning students, but includes variations to challenge all bodies, minds, and spirits. The primary focus of the class is to help you connect to your breath and to help find a small bit of peace and quieting of the mind during these difficult times.

Prop requirements:

  • a yoga mat
  • [Optional: yoga blocks, straps, bolsters]

Tuesday, March 2

Lineup for Rising to the Challenge

Rising to the Challenge: Finding and Starting a New Job during COVID-19
6:00PM-7:00PM EDT
Zoom Registration

Finding and starting a new job is more challenging than ever. From virtual interviews to working remotely, the pandemic is adding another layer to the transition from school to work. The good news for our current job seekers is that our Tandon Class of 2020 has already faced this challenge head-on. Join a few of our Tandon Class of 2020 alumni to talk about how they are rising to the challenge of searching for and starting a new job during the pandemic!


Wednesday, March 3

Lineup for Surviving to Thriving

From Surviving to Thriving: Wellness & Success in STEM
6:00-7:00PM EDT
Zoom Registration

2020 was hard. But our panelists not only survived through it, they thrived - integrating wellness techniques into their work from home routines. In STEM, we usually talk about success in terms of data and deliverables, but the missing piece is often focusing on our own wellness and how it contributes to overall success more than we ever discuss or acknowledge. Join NYU Tandon alumni as they talk about their journeys through 2020 and other tumultuous times, and how important wellness has been to their personal and professional triumphs.


Thursday, March 4

Keynote Participants of Women in STEM summit

Keynote Panel: Embodying Resilience
Thursday, March 4, 2021
7:00-8:30PM EDT
Zoom Registration

What better way to end a week centered around the theme "Heal Together, Rise Together" than by discussing the importance of resilience?

Our final event of this year's Womxn in STEM Summit will be a panel discussion centered on how current events (politics/law, the Black Lives Matter movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.) have affected our personal and professional lives. Panelists will talk about their personal work responses as well as how their company, organization, and/or institution has responded. Panelists will also discuss how womxn, particularly womxn in STEM, can heal and rise from these struggles. They will share personal and professional strategies they have learned and developed that help them embody resilience and how you can adapt them for your own life.