Wearable Technology

  • Prototype sensors and technological innovations embedded in clothing, fabric, or otherwise worn on the human body

logo of wearable technology which has white lettering over  blue background as well as a chip over a white background

Students will research and design the construction of an embedded system that will address personal and global needs such as mental health, medical devices, neonatal care, the intersection of fashion and technology, etc. The team will utilize prototyping methods such as 3D printing and conductive sewing and participate in hands-on workshops involving wearable sensors, microcontrollers, circuit design, and other aspects of physical computing. Most of the devices created will work on the premise of data collection for healthcare and the human experience, new materials and material science research, and quantifying body conductivity effects on communication. They will investigate recent IEEE papers, consumer electronics and fashion shows, and be encouraged to attend industry and meetup events in NYC.

Methods & Technologies

  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi
  • Sensors, connected devices, Bluetooth Low Energy, Internet of Things
  • Big data, quantified health and human information tracking
  • Electrical properties of constructed fabric sensors and antennas
  • NYU MakerSpace resources


  • Prototyping
  • Physical Computing

Areas of INterest

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Materials Research and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Integrated Digital Media


  • NYU Electrical Engineering and Integrated Digital Media Departments
  • Digital Futures Lab
  • NYC Media Lab Network
  • IEEE Student Chapter and Professional Society

Faculty Advisor

  • Victoria Bill
  • Email:¬†victoria.bill@nyu.edu