Cultural and Organizational Resolve

  • Collaborating and working towards providing organizations with rich information to support and promote ethical practices

Three squares of equal sizes laid in the form of a V. Each square says, "Business Model", "Culture" and "Products and Services" respectively

NYU professors Andy Moss and Scott Taitel are focused on the future of entrepreneurship as well as the changing tenets of corporate purpose. They’ve formed a team that recently launched an initiative to spearhead the development of a new “COR (Culture & Organizational Resolve)” methodology to help new enterprises, existing organizations, and project teams operate with both an explicit articulation of core principles and the actionable steps to consider its breadth of “stakeholders”. The objective of Culture and Organizational Resolve is to create a widely available, easily accessible way to help founders of new ventures (and leaders of any organization) establish the underlying principles that will inform their business decisions from structure to governance to hiring to product design to partnering to financing and beyond.

Methods & Technologies

  • Products & Services
  • External Alignment
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Data analysis
  • Case development
  • Writing/publishing
  • Tool development


  • Primary Research
  • Crowdsourcing Data
  • Project Management & Field Research

Areas of Interest

  • Business management
  • Public Policy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Science
  • Marketing
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Education


  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering
  • NYU Stern
  • NYU Law
  • NYU College of Arts and Sciences
  • NYU Wagner
  • NYU Steinhardt

Faculty Advisor

  • Scott Taitel
  • Email: