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Engineering the Brain

NYU Tandon researchers collaborate with neuroscientists and clinicians to create life-changing technology.

Virtual 3D Brain

NYU Tandon engineers are leveraging what we know about human thought and perception to develop solutions that save lives, and creating innovative ways to protect the brain and all it is capable of.

Latest Research

Shifting perceptions through extended reality

Researcher Qi Sun is exploring XR’s time-bending and life-saving potential by leveraging human perception. His research examines how VR can reduce patient discomfort during medical procedures, and how AR could be used to improve reaction time and save device battery life. 

Wearable teach for healthier bodies and minds

Wearables are gaining traction for monitoring physiological signals like heart rate, but researcher Rose Faghih believes they’re capable of much more. Her team is working on wearables that can track both body & mind, and prompt an angry driver to calm down, tip off a teacher that students were getting bored, or automatically adjust room temperature for a homebound senior.

Monitoring and protecting the brain 

The human brain is exceptional, and researchers are working with clinicians to identify new ways to monitor and protect it. Guido Gerig has created a way to analyze brain imaging for early detection of autism and opioid abuse, and Khalil Ramadi is developing new ways to treat brain disorders through the stomach, without surgery or medication, with ingestible electro-technology.



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Affiliated Departments & Labs

Multiple Brain Scans

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers design and develop products, systems and processes to improve human health. Our faculty and students focus on connecting engineering and technology with medicine.
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Immersive Computing Lab

The Immersive Computing Lab conducts cutting edge research that spans the fields of computer graphics, physics, and computational cognition, with the goal of creating unprecedented virtual and augmented reality systems.
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Visualization Imaging and Data Analysis Center (VIDA)

VIDA consists of computer scientists to apply the latest advances in computing to problems of critical societal importance.