Hassan Mohanna

  • Program Manager - Digital Community Engagement, CLEAR Global

  • CUSP Network Partner



Hassan is a management consultant, turned civic technologist (NYU CUSP ’14). He is currently supporting the Ukraine aid effort as a Project Coordinator for AI & NLP at CLEAR Global (formerly Translators without Borders), a non-profit organization that helps individuals obtain critical information and be heard in their own languages.

As a management consultant focused on the public sector, he has worked extensively across the MENA & GCC regions, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Libya, covering national strategies and studies (mobility, creative & cultural industries,…), telecom authorities restructuring, public administration reform, and infrastructure portfolio management. He has also worked remotely on a World Bank Urban Regeneration project in Afghanistan.

In civic technology and analytics, Hassan’s graduate research at CUSP focused on Building Analytics and Quantified Communities, in support of PlaNYC, the plan to reduce GHG emissions 30% by 2030. Later, he led Circular Lighting and Lighting-as-a-Service projects at Philips Lighting Innovation Lab in Cambridge, MA. In the United Kingdom, he has also led the analytics track for Lloyds Banking Group’s initiative to identify clear, actionable patterns in how the Covid-19 crisis affected 24 million customers, and derive mitigation and protection strategies.