Varsha Sivakumar

  • Software Engineer


Varsha Sivakumar

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Deciding to move thousands of miles away from home wasn’t easy for Varsha Sivakumar, but she is glad she did. By attending the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, she has had the opportunity to shape her master’s degree in Computer Science by taking courses both within Tandon and other schools at NYU.

A favorite class of Varsha’s was Software Engineering, which provided a hands-on approach to learning agile methodologies that are relevant in enterprise software development. The course included a strong team component that offered insight as to how professional teams work in the industry and collaborate on innovative projects together.

The reputation and connections of NYU have afforded Varsha many opportunities she is confident she would not have received elsewhere. “New York University is a prestigious name that allowed me to network with different organizations and people across the city, which was beneficial for my personal and professional growth,” she says. As a Software Engineer Intern at BlackRock, she designed and developed an interactive web application that provides an in-depth analysis of the integration test metrics of software developed by various teams within the company.

“It has been a wonderful journey so far, and studying at NYU Tandon has brought me one step closer to my goals,” Varsha says. “This experience has helped me grow not only technically, but also personally, and I feel better equipped to explore the numerous opportunities that lie ahead.”