Matthieu Nadini

Hometown: Savignano sul Panaro, Italy

After completing an international master’s degree in physics of complex systems for which he was studying at multiple schools in Italy and France, Matthieu Nadini shifted gears completely. Not only did he decide to come to the United States to pursue his doctoral degree, but he moved away from his foundation in physics to focus on mechanical engineering instead.

“Coming from a different background in physics, I enrolled at NYU Tandon because it offered possibilities to enhance my academic career,” Matthieu explains. “My interests found a great match here, both in terms of research and graduate courses.”

Matthieu has chosen courses that he knew would broaden his skill set, including taking Linear Control to build a stronger proficiency in mathematics. Expanding his horizons in that manner was even more rewarding than expected, as he realized that Linear Control was one of his favorite classes.

Matthieu’s concentration at NYU Tandon is in complex networks and dynamical systems, and he is focused on conducting research and mentoring undergraduate students in this field. His innovative work may one day benefit us all, as Matthieu is currently developing a network-based model for studying the spread of epidemics in the population. He has already published two articles, including one based on the research he is leading at NYU Tandon.

Not surprisingly, Matthieu is quite happy with his decision to move to New York City and attend NYU Tandon. He says, “It’s a great place with great people in a great city."