Who's in Charge of the Augmented City?

So far, major forays into our augmented world have been pretty harmless. But with technological advancements and unchecked intrusions by private companies, the future could be terrifying.

... Glasses with inward-facing cameras are tracking my pupils; plaster wrapped around my finger is measuring my perspiration; cheek pads are monitoring whether or not I’m smiling; another device looks at my heart-rate; and an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset … monitors my brain activity. All while my face is being filmed. The researchers want to quantifiably measure my response and stress levels to two slightly different virtual environments. … Semiha Ergan, an assistant professor at NYU [Tandon School of Engineering], is keen to see if the architectural theory behind such rudimentary design aspects is true and can quantitatively measure how much of a difference there is. As you might have guessed, Ergan’s hypothesis was right.

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