Robots, AR and cyber - everything at NYU Tandon’s Research Excellence Exhibit

roving robot held by student wearing research exhibit t-shirt

The annual Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit took place on Friday, April 28, 2023. Photo credit: ©Chandler Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau

The Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit was a tech enthusiast’s paradise: cutting-edge projects included a lunar excavator, a mountain bike for disabled riders, virtual reality construction tools and a variety of cybersecurity, manufacturing, STEM education and social tech devices — and plenty of robots.

The event featured appearances from Dean Jelena Kovačević; Chandrika Tandon, chair of the NYU Tandon board; NYU President Andrew Hamilton; and Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon. 



First prize: Physiological Signal Processing for Mental Well-Being. (Areas of Excellence – Health)

Second Prize: Reforming the Organics Collection Program in New York City— Department of Sanitation. (Emerging Media)

Third Prize: HydroGEN: An in situ gelling therapeutic hydrogel to prevent and treat osteoarthritis after traumatic joint injury. (Health)


VIP Winners:

First prize: Urban Microclimate: People, Space, Time: Quantitatively assess human exposure to the urban microclimate at NYU’s Tandon Metrotech campus and consider its impact.

Second prize: AMIGO: Autonomous Machine In Galactic Operations –Tandon’s Homemade Lunar Excavation Rover: The New York University Robotic Design Team.

Third prize: VIP M Biodevices: 3D Printed Wheelchair Arm Mobility Device: An assistive device for patients with Muscular dystrophy and similar disabilities.