Professor Porfiri to co-chair IEEE International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks

NYU Tandon Professor of Mechanical Engineering Maurizio Porfiri is co-chairing the 2016 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, in November. The annual interdisciplinary workshop brings together mathematicians, physicists, biologists, social scientists, engineers, and others who are interested in the impact of network structure on systems dynamics.

The emerging field has applicability to biomedicine, mechanical systems, robotics, automatic control processes, artificial intelligence, and more. Porfiri’s own research is focused on the interdisciplinary underwater applications of dynamical systems; he has, for example, found that robotic fish can lead schools of real fish to mimic them — useful in leading them away from pollution, power plants, or other hazards.

The conference will include workshops and tutorials on such topics as the analysis of complex networks; multi-agent systems; synchronization phenomena in networks; biological systems, neural networks, and disease transmission; and applications in art, finance, and social science.