Northeast Meetup 2018: The First in 4 Years!

The Northeast Meetup of Design for America (DFA NYU) was held at the MakerSpace EventSpace at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering on March 3 and 4, 2018.

In early March, more than forty students from five DFA studios met for the first Northeast Meetup (NEMU) in four years. … Planning NEMU was a collaborative effort among three DFA studios. DFA Fellow Geneva Vest spoke with Michael Niamehr from NYU [Tandon School of Engineering], Izzi Cain from Rensselaer, and Jillian Cai from RISD|Brown to hear more about their experience. “I think this NEMU was a proof of concept that it’s something people want, something we can plan, and that it’s valuable to everyone!” [said Niamehr].

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