MakerBotting Lunabotics Team From NYU Poly Takes Home Awards!

MakerBot wants to congratulate the NYU Poly Team Atlas 2012 on their success at NASA’s Third Annual Lunabotics Mining Competition!

These MakerBotters are an awesome group of students using their Thing-O-Matic to make all kinds of things, related and unrelated to the goal of building a lunar mining robot. Here’s the exact language from the competition page:

The challenge is for students to design and build an excavator, called a Lunabot, that can mine and deposit a minimum of 10 kilograms of lunar simulant within 10 minutes.

Team Atlas took home the Judges Innovation Award and Third Place in the Team Spirit Award category. Throughout the competition, they were making things for other teams, like actual robot parts, but also souvenirs like Dr. Who Tardises1 and Space Shuttle models. How generous!

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