Here’s What 6G Will Be, According to the Creator of Massive MIMO

Tom Marzetta, the director of NYU WIRELESS, who devised the antenna technology called Massive MIMO, fundamental to 5G telecommunications, speaks to Spectrum about the work happening at NYU WIRELESS, and what lies ahead both for the center and for telecommunications. 

"I wanted to try to do research to do something ten times better than massive MIMO," he said. "So far, massive MIMO is the most spectrally efficient wireless scheme yet devised. And, and to some extent, it uses familiar principles. But it stretches those principles about as far as they can be stretched. The real question is, are we at the end of the line? Are there going to be no great new innovations in wireless? Or can we do ten or one hundred times better? And so that was why I considered I was working on 6G."

He speculated that the next level of human-to-human communication is going to be ubiquitous augmented reality.

"How could most of us have done our jobs over the last year without high-quality telecommunications and so on? But people are sick of the zoom experience. The next level is obviously augmented reality, and making it good enough so that the other person is effectively in the same room as you."