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Even After 22 Trillion Digits, We’re Still No Closer To The End Of Pi

Gregory and David Chudnovsky are distinguished industry professors in the mathematics program at NYU Tandon.

… Building off of Ramanujan’s formula, the mathematical brothers Gregory and David Chudnovsky calculated over 2 billion digits of pi in the early 1990s using a homemade supercomputer housed in a cramped and sweltering Manhattan apartment. They’d double their tally to 4 billion digits after a few years. The current record now stands at over 22 trillion digits — thousands of times more than the Chudnovskys’ home-brewed supercomputer worked out after 105 days of computation on a Dell server using a freely available program called y-cruncher. That program … uses both the Ramanujan and Chudnovsky formulas.


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