Daniela Blanco makes Inc. Magazine list of top women entrepreneurs

Inc. Magazine’s "Female Founders 100" celebrates success stories and the best business advice of 2020’s game-changing women — including Tandon graduate and Sunthetics founder Daniela Blanco

The publication recognized Blanco ('20) for co-founding green chemical manufacturing startup Sunthetics, with (CEO) Myriam Sbeiti ('18) when both were NYU Tandon chemical and biomolecular engineering students under the guidance of Miguel Modestino.

The petrochemical-free Sunthetic process for synthesizing the Nylon precursor adiponitrile using water, plant waste, and solar energy, could revolutionize not just the fashion industry — which produces millions of tons of petrochemical-based nylon each year — but processes for a host of other chemicals traditionally synthesized from fractions of crude oil and energy intensive thermal reactions.