The city’s newest generation of STEM talent

NYU Tandon and Terra STEM team up to hold a high school research showcase

overhead view of room full of research posters, high school students, and onlookers

On March 26, in a show of commitment to STEM education at all ages and levels, NYU Tandon hosted the NYC Terra STEM Fair, an annual exhibit and competition that provides students in grades nine to 12 the opportunity to share their original research in science and engineering. (The fair has been operating for more than 60 years, and many recent participants have gone on to important careers in academia and industry.)

Dean Jelena Kovačević addressed the gathering, saying:  “When many think of a school of engineering, they immediately picture students working towards their bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D.s, but we know that STEM education must start much earlier than that.” She continued, “All of us at Tandon understand how important it is that every student be prepared to enter a 21st-century workforce and we appreciate that the more bright and ambitious minds we teach to tackle global challenges, the better the world will become.” 

In addition to hosting the event here in Brooklyn, Tandon faculty members — including Nasir Memon (co-founder of NYU’s Center for Cybersecurity), Giuseppe Loianno (who oversees the Agile Robotics and Perception Lab), and S. Farokh Atashzar (the head of the Medical Robotics and Interactive Intelligent Technologies Lab) — mentored some of the participating students. 

The event finalists will be representing New York City at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Dallas, Texas, in mid-May.

“We talk a lot about how important collaboration is in the STEM world, and this event is truly an example of collaboration in action. I’m proud that Tandon is partnering with Terra STEM in a joint mission of inspiring enthusiasm and appreciation for science and technology and of drawing upon the potential of every person to make a positive impact on the world,” said Kovačević. “When I consider the work being done by students like those exhibiting today, the future really feels bright and exciting.” 

By Eliza Barberena


The finalists:

Animal Science

Mariella Reynoso and Tara Isabel Lago, Staten Island Technical High School  



Rommy Sasson, Brooklyn Technical High School


Behavioral and Social Sciences: Neuroscience 

Kiele Morgan, Bronx High School of Science


Behavioral and Social Sciences: Sociology and Psychology

Asuka Koda, Bronx High School of Science


Cellular and Molecular Biology

Kiera Chan, Staten Island Technical High School


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Erica Yu and Angel Huang, Staten Island Technical High School

Siddiq Mohammed, Bronx High School of Science


Mathematical Sciences

Aaron Kim, Bronx High School of Science


Medicine and Health Sciences

Kun-Hyung Roh, Bronx High School of Science



Bailey Howe, Brooklyn Technical High School


Physics and Space Sciences

Lucas Libshutz, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School


Plant Sciences

Alana Falter and Benjamin Kwait-Gonchar, Brooklyn Technical High School


Software and Robotics

Taj Jethwani-Keyser, Bronx High School of Science (mentored by Professor Nasir Memon)