Cell Phone Cancer Concerns: What Else Is a Danger in Your Home?

After a World Health Organization study concluded cell phones may cause cancer, some are wondering what else in their homes and their everyday lives may be just as, or even more, dangerous to their health.

The World Health Organization, whose International Agency for Research on Cancer announced the results of its year-long cell phone study Tuesday, estimates that there are 5 billion cell phone users globally, representing nearly three-quarters of the world's population.


ABC News brought in Michael Knox, an electrical engineering professor at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University to examine the Howards' home, testing their cell phone, Wi-Fi enabled computer and microwave, each a vital part of the Howards' daily life.

While there were measurable levels of radiation emanating from all the devices, Knox, who is not a medical doctor, said he was not particularly concerned by the levels.

The consensus among many doctors and experts to the WHO study is the data on cellphone use and brain cancer is still inconclusive.

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