Anna Choromanska is NYU Tandon’s newest Sloan Fellow


The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awards fellowships only to those whose “creativity, leadership, and independent research achievements make them some of the most promising researchers working today,” according to the organization’s website. “To receive a Sloan Research Fellowship is to be told by your fellow scientists that you stand out among your peers.”

Among the early-career scientists and scholars accorded that rare honor in 2020 is Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Anna Choromanska, who runs Tandon’s ECE Machine Learning Lab and is also affiliated with the NYU Center for Data Science and NYU Center for Urban science and Progress (CUSP). Just last year, she was also awarded a 2019 IBM Faculty Research Award.

Her machine-learning research focuses on both the theoretical and the applicable, with current projects encompassing optimization, large data analysis, and robotics and autonomy. She is now collaborating with NVIDIA on an autonomous car driving project, and her work has also been used by such companies as Facebook and Baidu.

The founder of the ECE Seminar Series on Modern Artificial Intelligence, she brings to Tandon other world-renowned researchers, industry leaders, and Nobel laureates who are making an immense impact on the development of new machine learning techniques and technologies, and in another, more fancifully named initiative, she has spearheaded "Mambo with Machine Learning," a subject-specific reading group. (That last is a nod to one of her signature pastimes: in addition to her research, teaching, conference organizing, and other professional duties, Choromanska is a skilled dancer, with a focus on ballroom and Latin. If that weren’t enough, she has also studied classical piano since age six.)

The members of the Sloan Foundation’s fellowship committee read about countless researchers, but it comes as no surprise that Choromanska stood out to them. The entire NYU Tandon community congratulates her on this well-deserved honor.