AI, big data, and the future of workplace management

The Technology Management and Innovation department hosted a wide-ranging discussion on how AI and big data can improve workplace efficiency and offer human resources departments a leg-up in uncertain times.

Last May, the Department of Technology Management and Innovation at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering had their 9th annual Conferences on Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics. The theme this year was AI in the Workplace: Future Directions in People Analytics — an in-depth look at how companies can manage their organizations in an midst of a job market in flux and a pandemic changing the nature of how people work.

Conducted entirely over Zoom and featuring over a dozen speakers, the conference focused on the ways that AI and machine learning are changing the way organizations and employers can gather and process data on their employees and assets. In his opening remarks, Professor Emeritus and Research Professor Harold G. Kaufman noted that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis offered specific difficulties in managing workplaces, and keynote speaker Michael N. Bazigos of Accenture Strategy & Consulting discussed how data and AI can provide particular insights into a world where remote recruitment and work are becoming the norm during a pandemic.

Other speakers addressed a number of topics, including how engineers can use AI to predict future job obsolescence (and potential new growth opportunities), digital assessments of potential recruits and new hires, analyzing feedback and criticism from current and former employees and more. If you missed the conference, the video is now available in its entirety.

Watch the full conference: