15 Students Awarded SAME Scholarships

CUE Students and Prof Griffis in formal wear

With more than a quarter-century of military service and just as many years in the university classroom, Fletcher “Bud” Griffis is eminently qualified to oversee the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) New York City Post Scholarship Fund. The retired U.S. army colonel and current professor of construction engineering and management was on hand at the 74th annual dinner dance to benefit his Post’s Scholarship Fund, and among his companions for the glittering evening were the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering students who had been supported by the Fund that year.

The Post awards 205 scholarships each year to engineering students from more than 65 universities, and this year, 15 of those students came from NYU. (The $1,000 named scholarships are seeded with $15,000 donations from alumni, who may then direct their backing to students from their own alma maters.) “We’ve had 15 generous SAME members who attended NYU Polytechnic, including S. Steve Greenfield,” Griffis, who has presided over the Fund since 1989, explained, “and 15 of the brightest, hardest-working NYU Polytechnic students are benefitting.”

SAME unites architecture, engineering, construction, facility management and environmental entities and individuals in both the public and private sectors to prepare for--and overcome--natural and manmade disasters, and to improve security at home and abroad. The organization is firmly committed to supporting the engineers and architects of the future who will one day shoulder that mission.

The New York City Post hosts SAME’s West Point Student Chapter, and many young attendees at the dinner dance were resplendent in uniform. But while the NYU contingent may not have been sporting brass buttons or red sashes, they were uniform in their excellence.

Well-deserved congratulations go to: Leifu Wang, Mark Milkis, Judith Zhao, Tomasz Bartosiewicz, Colby C. Bennardo, Rosa Lo, Kris Perez, Nissim Elmann, Danielle Mohammed, Elizabeth Jule, Jimmy Liang, Camila Cavalcante, Clement Pikner, Shannon Lynn Karttowsky, and Wantian Lin.