Digital Signage | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Digital Signage

Guidelines for submitting and requesting digital signage.

Promote your event throughout campus on the digital monitors.

Requesting a Design

You can request the Marketing and Communications team to create a poster for you by submitting a creative request form with the following information:

  • Name of event
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Relevant URL (if available)
  • Sponsors (if available)
  • Image (if available)

Guidelines for Submitting Digital Signage

  • File must be an image or video file:
    • .png or .jpg preferred for image
    • .mp4 preferred for video
    • PDF and slideshows are NOT valid file formats
  • Image and video resolution must be 1920 x 1080
  • Make your headline/event title large and use high-impact graphics whenever possible
  • Include the following information on the poster:
    • title
    • date and time
    • location 
    • URL (if there is one)
    • sponsor (if there is one)
  • If your poster includes an abstract or bio, it may be edited to accommodate the digital format and you will be asked to make those changes
  • Do not place the Tandon logo on posters to be displayed on campus
  • Send request to

Requests that do not follow these guidelines will not be posted


Example of Good Submission

    Tandon Logo with pixel measure Good Digital Signage

    • File is .png image file
    • Image is 1920x1080

    Images that follow these specifications (along with the proper design requirements) will fit perfectly on all of the digital signage displays and be at its optimal viewing clarity.