Boris & Martin Arbuzov

  • These twins are taking on the job search together

two brothers standing by research poster
What job you are looking for?

Leveraging the technical skills we picked up studying physics, we're both looking for data-related roles including data scientist, data analyst, and research analyst. While neither of us have settled on a specific industry, finance and tech remain the most interesting and appealing sectors for both of us. 

What you've been doing for the job search (where you find jobs, how many you apply to, outcomes, frustration, etc.)?

The job search has been challenging considering we've both graduated amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The first several months of job searching were slow as hiring was frozen. However, we've kept positive spirits and continued applying, using any extra free time to pick up more skills on platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera. Typically, we aim to apply to 5-10 jobs per day (mostly on Google, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor) in addition to regularly practicing relevant job skills like programming. Managing the challenges and frustrations of the job search process, especially during the pandemic, require balance. We make sure that while we're applying to jobs and staying productive during our days that we're also taking regular breaks to exercise, go for walks, or otherwise unwind. 

How has Tandon Career Services helped?

Schedule an appointment with a career coach from Tandon Career Services! While all the staff is great, Karine has provided a lot of very helpful guidance for us from everything between searching for the right role to interviewing for it. If you're unsure about anything regarding your job search, definitely give TCS a shot.


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