Lillian Zhang

  • Software Engineer

What will you be doing?

I will start a two-year program rotating between Moody's US offices or business lines, join a variety of challenging projects in the FIN-TECH industry, while receiving ongoing training and mentoring.

Tell us about the job search. Was it more difficult or easier than you expected?

Job searching is a painful experience no matter what, however through the process, I leveled up my problem solving skills and programming instinct. My offer came earlier than expected.

What was the interview process like?

CV screen -> Hackerrank OA -> Program manager Zoom call -> Superday with three rounds back to back interview including: technical questions, white board problem solving and behavior questions.

Do you have any job search tips for fellow students?

Persistence and Patience is the key.

If you used job boards, which one(s) did you think was the most effective?

Google, AngelList, LinkedIn

When did you first start the job search & how long did it take you to get an interview?

Started in August 2020, continued with Grace Hopper Conference in Oct.2020. I started to get Online Assessment in September, but phone interviews and virtual Super Day came around November.

Please select which method(s) led you to the job?

Traditional Method: Applying on Job Boards, Events: In person/Virtual Conference, Events or Webinars