Joanna Chen

  • Jr. UX Designer @ CHUBB

What will you be doing?

I'll be using user experience and customer experience principles to design digital products.

Tell us about the job search. Was it more difficult or easier than you expected?

It was definitely a lot more difficult than I expected because of the pandemic. The state of the economy and unprecedented procedures of COVID-19 caused a lot of hiring freezes, so a lot of job postings were actually irrelevant. I submitted 350+ applications, didn't hear back from over 50%, and went through 9 interviews over the course of 5 months. I ended with competitive offers.

What was the interview process like?

For Product/UX/UI Designer roles, the interview process was pretty much the same, sometimes rounds 2/3 are dragged out, or combined. 1) HR reaches out to schedule a phone screening if my resume passed their standards. 2) The team lead/director schedules a video interview to ask behavioral questions. 3) Present/work through a case study with the team lead/director + another team member. 4) Offer letter.

Do you have any job search tips for fellow students?

Don't give up on yourself and believe in your work and capabilities because of the pandemic and how it's changed the hiring pools entirely, it's really easy to feel discouraged. I'd say the resume is more significant than ever because with so many applicants in each role. Less time is spent on reviewing them, but it's also the way/first impression to getting your foot in the door.

If you used job boards, which one(s) did you think was the most effective?

Google, AngelList, LinkedIn

When did you first start the job search & how long did it take you to get an interview?

August 2020, 3 weeks.

Please select which method(s) led you to the job?

Traditional Method: Applying on Job Boards, Network: Someone you connected with on LinkedIn or other introductions to the company