Jefferson Hu

  • Field Service Engineer


What will you be doing?

Working on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programs and systems for different industries (aviation, fuel, etc).

Tell us about the job search. Was it more difficult or easier than you expected?

For myself with a less than 3.0 gpa, the odds were already stacked against me. I think it was definitely discouraging applying to all these jobs to find out they required above a 3.0. The job search is hard for everyone and all the bookmarked tabs were very daunting. I do recommend attending conferences such as SASE, SHPE, SWE, NSBE, and the others to try to improve your elevator pitch and speaking skills. I was fortunate enough to have Rockwell Automation notice me in SASE and that resulted in interviews and a full time offer!

What was the interview process like?

The first interview was mostly behavioral, and after the first round the second round involved a "Round Robin''. This stage involved one full day with other interviewees and the program coordinator explaining the EIT (Engineer in Training) program, ice breakers, and a team event. The second day involved 4 interviews staged back to back, varying from behavior to situational. Overall the entire process took two months before I got the official offer letter.

Do you have any job search tips for fellow students?

Highly recommend not to be discouraged if you have a low GPA as did I (even sub 2.8!). I think everyone's journey is going to be different but having the drive to continue to put in the work to improve and put yourself out there in the job search helps. Attending conferences is super helpful as well as it helps improve your people skills, which recruiters can read and will have a better impression of you as a result.

If you used job boards, which one(s) did you think was the most effective?

Google, AngelList, LinkedIn

When did you first start the job search & how long did it take you to get an interview?

August 2020, First job interview was a result of SASE in October 2020

Please select which method(s) led you to the job?

Events: In person/Virtual Conference, Events or Webinars