Abishek Sharma

What does it mean to you to be an engineer?

Engineers are optimal problem-solvers who take into consideration the requirements of their users. They’re lucky to be on the forefront of massive improvements in the world.

How is your field being redefined for today and tomorrow’s needs? What contributions do you hope to make to this redefined landscape?

Computer science is constantly being redefined and revolutionized. Look at what has happened in the last year alone. There is so much learning and working going on remotely. Zoom and other similar technologies have been around for a while, but only in a niche way. Now countless people are taking advantage of them. It’s a very good thing that we were ready to leverage those technologies or many of us would not have weathered the pandemic as well as we did. I’d eventually like to make contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is a whole new type of frontier.

How did NYU Tandon help you redefine yourself?

I’m really proud to have worked in Tandon’s Faculty Innovations in Teaching and Learning Center. Besides being the ones who ensured that the transition to distance learning went as seamlessly as possible, we’re also working on new products and platforms. When I was hired in 2019, I was assigned to develop a system for automatically grading assignments involving 3D CAD software. It’s now being used in the Mechanical Engineering Department and working out very well for both faculty and students. I’d say that NYU Tandon educated me as a student, challenged me as a professional, and empowered me as a person.